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2021 Gala

Streetside Market

October 15, 2019

Thank you Streetside Market!

Streetside Market

We are happy to announce Streetside Market as a Gala participating restaurant!

Steetside Market is a culinary experience that cannot be defined simply in one sentence.  With an atmosphere reminiscent of an open market and a heightened focus on hospitality, this new innovative dining experience brings globally-focused, communal dining to Downtown Hammond. 

Established as a culmination of 75 years in the restaurant industry - Streetside offers a singular experience and unified vision to intrigued diners from across Southeastern Louisiana and beyond. Together, these industry titans believe cuisine is to be shared, enjoyed, and remembered. 

To bring this concept to life, the team of owners focuses on high-quality, well-priced food product, friendly, face-to-face service, and international options that span from one corner of the globe to the next. With one kitchen under unparalleled ownership, Streetside Market is a dream come true to foodies, who are eager to explore various cultures from around the world with their palate and without a suitcase. 

Thank you for your support Streetside Market!